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ZACC Arrests 103 People

ZACC Investigates Fuel Companies

ZACC Arrests 103 People

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) has arrested 103 people for corruption, it has emerged.

The revelations were made by Zacc’s chairperson, Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo who praised whistle-blowers who she said played a big part in the arrest of 103 corruption accused persons in the past six months.

In a statement to commemorate World Whistleblowers Day last Thursday, the Zacc boss said clamping down on corruption in the country was going to be a tough proposition without the input of whistle-blowers.

“Zacc has managed to make 103 arrests for corruption in 2021 alone. Seventy-nine (79) dockets from these arrests have already been submitted to the National Prosecuting Authority for prosecution. Without the whistle-blowers, Zacc would not have achieved these figures,” she said.

The Zacc chairperson however, bemoaned the inexistence of legislation to protect whistle-blowers, revealing that they were being harassed after coming forward with vital information exposing corruption.

“As the world commemorates this important day, Zacc urges policymakers to expedite the enactment of the whistle-blowers’ legislation. Already, Zacc has received reports of victimisation of whistle-blowers that are vital to the nation’s fight against corruption.

“The Commission is advocating for the necessary policy and legal environment that fully protects whistle-blowers.

Part of these efforts include drafting a Lay Bill which has been submitted to the Attorney General’s Office. We are fully confident that this piece of legislation will be enacted into law sooner rather than later,” said Justice Matanda-Moyo.

She revealed that the anti-graft body has since come up with an online whistle-blower reporting application to ensure that whistle-blowers can report corruption.

“The application is designed to ensure full anonymity of the whistle-blowers. This year alone, the Commission has received 88 anonymous reports on corrupt activities via this platform. To the whistle-blowers, always remember that speaking up against corruption is crucial for a just world,” said Justice Matanda-Moyo.

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