“You Rule Zimbabwe But Your Heart Is Not In Zimbabwe”

Writes Farai Muguwu

Hello President ED Mnangagwa. I have traversed Zimbabwe and what a gem of a country we have! You have world class scenic areas from the mighty Victoria Falls, the sacred Matobo Hills, the majestic Great Zimbabwe Ruins; the pristine Lake Mtirikwi and a nearby national park.

“You Rule Zimbabwe But Your Heart Is Not In Zimbabwe”

You can find peace with yourself and with God at the gigantic lake Kariba – the world’s largest man made lake and water reservoir. You dont need a visa to get to Kariba – do you? To the Eastern Highlands I recently visited the out-of-this-world imposing Nyanga Mountains. I proceeded to Honde Valley Tea Estates which boasts of arguably the best rivers with fresh, unpolluted water in the country.

The tea estates themselves are a marvel to behold. What a beauty! To the South, the blue Chimanimani mountains are beckoning. Lets not forget the amazing Chinhoyi Caves. The whole country awaits to be discovered by you.

Please tell me the reason why you and your Father Robert Mugabe thinks the President of Zimbabwe must spend more than USD5 million tax payers money every January holidaying in the Middle East, with a large entourage. I also want to know why we never see any Head of State, even from Africa, coming to Zimbabwe on Holiday?

When in UAE or Malaysia, does it ever cross your mind that the things you enjoy in Asia are a product of patriotic decisions by leaders of that country – something you have failed to do for the past 38 years for your own country. Did you see any fuel queue there? How about road infrastructure? What did you see? How many construction cranes did you see? If you were in Dubai or passed through Dubai what did you make of Emirates? What about their new airport which is expected to handle more than 90 million passengers annually? Whilst there did you think of Robert Mugabe International Airport, i prefer to call it Harare International Airport for obvious reasons. Did you ever feel as leader of Zimbabwe you should have a burden to modernise your country and make us feel proud to be Zimbabwean again?

Oh, by the way, did you remember to go for medical check-ups? How is their health delivery system? Did you remember to ask how much your Doctor and nurses there earn per month? Are you aware that by holidaying in Asia with your massive entourage you are investing in the economy of the country you are visiting whilst robbing your poor country of the much needed forex? Its a fact you dint pay bond notes or rtgs to charter the flight nor to pay for the hotels in Asia.

When shall you guys ever grow up?Why do you fight so hard, to the point of spilling innocent blood, to rule a country you don’t love. Surely with all the crises afflicting your country, you think this was the best way to spend money? Mwari ave nemi President.

Today I also saw pictures of former Cabinet Minister Chombo enjoying himself with some women in Dubai. He is one of the ‘criminals’ you said were the target of the military intervention that brought you to power in November 2017, accusing them of corruption and causing so much suffering. The guy is still living large in the Middle East, enjoying his loot whilst the people of Zimbabwe continue to suffer.

You and your predecessor Mugabe are by far the most travelling Presidents in Africa. Do you ever feel ashamed when you compare Zimbabwe to the countries you visit.

How does it feel to charter an aircraft from Switzerland each time you want to travel abroad, your party having been in power for 38 years and being President of a country battling medieval diseases like cholera and typhoid and where water in the capital city has been declared unsafe and yet more than 4 million people continue to drink that unsafe water because they have no other alternative? I am very convinced your decisions are responsible for more than 50% of the 500 plus deaths being recorded in Zimbabwe daily. Do you really feel you are a Zimbabwean?

Am I correct to say though you ‘rule’ Zimbabwe your heart is not in Zimbabwe, just as was the case with Robert Mugabe who frequently visited the country for the 37 years of his reign. it is not a surprise that you ‘rule’ like an occupation force with no connection with the local people and extreme indifference to human suffering.



Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa is an ex-model and the wife of Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga who is a Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.


Marry was born in 1983. She is the daughter of Kenny Mubaiwa, who is the Chairman of Dynamos Football Club.She is a mother of 6 children….more here