A workers’ representative body comprising retrenched workers from the 2015 landmark Supreme Court ruling that terminated thousands of employment contracts has revisited this ruling, hoping for a redress on a law that affected 30 000 workers.

supreme court

The Zimbabwe Workers for Justice said three years on the case effectively argued by Advocate Nelson Chamisa still haunts their livelihoods.

Exactly six days from today in 2015, Zimbabwe witnessed one of its historic Supreme Court rulings which gave leverage for employers to terminate contracts of employment by giving three months notice of their intention to do so.

On the 17th of July 2015, the Supreme Court ruled against Don Nyamande and Kingstone Donga, both former BP Shell employees, who had taken Zuva Petroleum who took over BP Shell to the Supreme Court challenging their expulsion.

Zuva Petroleum represented by Advocate Thabani Mpofu and Nelson Chamisa successfully convinced the Supreme Court that a section 2(4) of the Labour Act which deals with the three months notice of termination applied to both the employer and employee.

Juxtaposing this ruling to the current situation, the fired employees feel shortchanged by the lawyer who fought hard to put them on the streets and now singing a hymn to create jobs under a new jacket.

In the aftermath of this ruling, the affected workers are pinning their hopes for a revisit into their issue.