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“Since January, 378 women have died during childbirth”


According to the Chronicle, since the new year, 378 women have died during childbirth. According to the publication, 66 of these pregnant women died at home, while 312 died in various health facilities in the country.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care revealed this, which published a report stating:

Statistics from January 2020 to December 2020 show that there were 378 maternal deaths, of which 66 were at home and 312 were in medical institutions. The top five causes of maternal deaths in Zimbabwe are bleeding after childbirth, accounting for 26% of deaths.

Hypertension accounts for 16% and usually causes violent episodes during pregnancy. In Zimbabwe, women’s fever and postpartum sepsis caused by water or childbirth infections up to 42 days after childbirth account for 10% of all maternal deaths.

Post and peri abortal sepsis which is a serious infection of the uterus due to induced abortion accounted for nine percent of the deaths. The other top five cause of maternal deaths include c- section procedures which accounted for five percent of the deaths.

Clinical mentorship for nurses and doctors at provincial and district levels; in the job training of nurses and doctors at all levels on Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care; Utilisation of the Maternity Waiting Homes by pregnant mothers; Implementation of new Ante- Natal Care (ANC) guidelines will help reduce maternal deaths in Zimbabwe.

Procurement of essential maternal and newborn health equipment, drugs and consumables – including blood and related products; improved family planning (FP) services and training of service providers on the WHO standards on youth friendly service provision will help in curbing the deaths.

The statistics given by the ministry shows that the country has a maternity mortality rate of 127 per 100 000 births which according to the UN is moderately low given it considers

  • MMR of less than 100 as low,
  • between 100 and 299 as moderately low,
  • Between 300 and 499. as high.

Source | ZiMetro News


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