Home LOCAL NEWS Woman Swallows 60 Balls Of Cocaine Worth US$7 Million

Woman Swallows 60 Balls Of Cocaine Worth US$7 Million

Woman Swallows 60 Balls Of Cocaine Worth US$7 Million

A suspected drug dealer, who swallowed 60 balls of cocaine worth US$7 million was yesterday detained further in police custody to allow the excretion of two outstanding balls.

The suspect, Shila Khumalo, will be back in court tomor-row when she is expected to be placed on remand on the charges of illegal possession of dangerous drugs.

The court heard that on May 9, information was received to the effect that Khumalo was coming to Zimbabwe from Brazil with a contraband of cocaine aboard Ethiopian Airways.

On May 9, acting on the information, a team of detectives from CID Drugs and Narcotics Harare, operatives from the Central Intelligence Organisation and personnel from Zimbabwe Revenue Authority who were manning the arrivals section at the airport inter-cepted her.

A search was conducted on her luggage and on her person leading to the recovery of 53 small white balls with whitish powder inside stashed in a pair of black socks and in the under-garments she was wearing.

A test was conducted in the presence of the accused at the airport and the powder tested positive to cocaine.

It was further discovered that she had ingested 60 balls of cocaine. By yesterday, she had excreted 58 and there are two outstanding balls which the state intends to monitor in her excretion.

The state alleges that she is highly linked to a serious drug syndicate and most of the syndicate members are still at large.

Lancelot Mutsokoti appeared for the State.

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