Woman Steals 2 Months Old Baby Boy In Bid To Please Ex Husband

A 19-year-old woman from Chigodora has been hauled before a regional court in Mutare on allegations of stealing a child from a Sakubva vendor in a bid to please her ex-husband.

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The baby’s mother, Energy Mangarai’s cell phone sold out the culprit, Cressy Andisani, after she had earlier used it to call her ex-husband to inform him about the ‘good news’.

Mangarai proceeded to her ex-husband’s homestead in Chigodora to show them the ‘bundle of joy’.

She pleaded guilty to kidnapping charges when she appeared before Mutare regional magistrate, Mrs Loice Mukunyadze.

The court heard that Mangarai, a vendor at Sakubva Musika, was at her vending stall on May 5 at around 12pm carrying the baby on her back.

Andisani arrived and asked for her cell phone to call her ex-husband Isaac Mundodzo. After making the call she asked to help Mangarai carry her baby while she did her work.

Andisani vanished with the baby for almost two hours until Mangarai became suspicious.

Mangarai tracked her through Mundodzo’s cell number and managed to apprehend her in Chigodora. The suspect had introduced the baby as hers with Isaac Mundodzo,

-Manica Post


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