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Woman pulls lover’s privates and Kills

Woman pulls lover's privates and Kills

A senior Nyau-dancer died after his lover pulled his private parts during a scuffle in Mt Hampden last week.

He was 49. Christopher Muchenga died at his lover’s house during a scuffle. The lover was only identified as Mbuya Ropafadzo.

There are indications that the woman in question also had another lover who is believed to have been at the scene when Muchenga met his fate.

Another version of the event suggested that the deceased’s privates were pulled while Mbuya Ropafadza’s other unnamed lover was said to have been holding Muchenga’s hands when the latter met his fate.

Family spokesperson Margaret Kamwaza, 50, said the deceased decided to have quality time with his lover after he received his payment from sales on the fateful day.

Woman pulls lover's privates and Kills

“We have lost a loving brother and circumstances around his death are painful considering that he was merry making with his lover after receiving money meant to support the family,” said Kamwaza.

“He was reported to have received money from a job he had done and went to a shebeen where he hooked up with his lover.

“They spent the greater part of the night together and upon arriving at the lover’s house they were reported to have made been involved in a scuffle that woke neighbors and the woman pulled Muchenga’s private parts until he breathed his last.

“After the act, Mbuya Ropafadzo dragged the body of the deceased to the door entrance and went to report to police that someone she didn’t know was found dead by her door steps.

“As a family we are not happy about it since most of the family members and neighbors were aware of their relationship following the death of the Muchenga’s wife.

“We buried him here in Mt Hampden and he is survived by four children,” said Kamwaza.

Nyau-dancers attended the funeral wake and entertained mourners. The late Muchenga’s nieces attended the funeral in style wearing the same attire and hair style as they bid farewell to their uncle.

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