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Woman loses underwear mysteriously

Woman loses underwear mysteriously

Just imagine waking up to find that your underwear has mysteriously disappeared from where you placed it while having s..e.x with your husband and you ransack the whole house and you cannot find it.

While you are still troubled after a week another one again disappears. This is the strange situation that Jefason Mapande’s wife Ipainashe Makotore is facing after her ‘special’ undergarments mysteriously went missing not once or twice but thrice on different occasions while they were enjoying each other with her husband.

The strange incident happened in Mhondiwa Village, under Chief Chireya in Gokwe, Midlands province.

A troubled Mapande explained how his wife’s underwear mysteriously vanished from their house.

“The problem started in August this year. When we retired to bed my wife would remove her panty and place it on the chair in our bedroom hut but shockingly when we woke up in the morning it would have disappeared. She would turn things upside down in the house looking for it but she could not recover it,” said Mapande.

He said at first, they thought it could have been pulled away by rats adding that when she decided to place it in the wardrobe, another one disappeared and that worried her so much.

Mapande said that made their bedroom life difficult.

“It meant she had to sleep wearing a panty and that made her s..e.x life difficult as she was not comfortable with it,” he said.

Mapande’s wife confronted her sisters-in-law but they vehemently denied ever taking her undergarments. Instead they advised her to seek the services of a sangoma to expose the panty “thief” in the family.

But Makotore turned down their suggestion saying she was a devout Christian.

That, however, led to a fierce argument between her and the sisters-in-law.

Seeing that the matter was tearing the family apart, the only way out was to report to Chief Mkoka.

“We had no choice but to report to Chief Mkoka,” he said.

Chief Mkoka confirmed: “I can confirm that we are dealing with a strange case where Mapande’s wife’s undergarments disappeared. We have advised the family that we would look for a prophet who would come and expose the person who stole the underwear. The person who would have been found with them is the one who would pay for the services of the prophet,” he said.

This incident is not the first of its kind in Gokwe.

In October last year villagers in Mkuze Village under Chief Mkoka were left shell-shocked after women at a funeral wake miraculously woke up without their panties.

The undergarments were later found hanging on a tree near the homestead.

In September 2014, a similar incident happened in Chibarirwa and Demawatema villages in Gokwe South. In the same year Saviors Nyenyezwa of Gokwe was found in possession of 13 women’s panties and a black mamba during a cleansing ceremony.

In July 2012, a 62-year-old man from Charisekera, under Chief Njelele came out and claimed ownership of a goblin which had been terrorising women in his village by taking off their panties at night while they were asleep.

The man, Lameck Ncube, made the startling revelations at a cleansing ceremony in the village.