Woman Lies To Lover That They Have Child, Receives Maintenance For For 4 Years


Woman Lies To Lover That They Have Child, Receives Maintenance For For 4 Years

A woman from Zvishavane who had been lying to her lover that they had a child together in order to receive money for child upkeep found herself cornered after her lover demanded to see the child.

In a fit of desperation, the woman then kidnapped her neighbour’s four-year-old child to in a bid to continue the ruse and took him to her boyfriend’s house.

However, her luck finally ran out when she was arrested for kidnapping the neighbour’s child.

The Chronicle reports that Febby Chamunorwa of Mkoba 9, Gweru appeared before Gweru magistrate Ms Mildred Matuvi facing kidnapping charges. Despite her denials, she was convicted on the charges and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

She told the court that she kidnapped the child in order to continue receiving money for child upkeep from her lover whom she had lied to that they had a child together.

The man had been sending money for the past 4 years. Febby told the court,

I took the baby to my boyfriend’s homestead in Zvishavane so that he could see him since he thought we had a child together. He had been sending money for his upkeep. It was not my intention to abduct the baby

She was sentenced to 18 months in prison although 6 were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

In detailing the case against her, the prosecution explained that Chamunorwa deceived her neighbour by telling her that she could get free clothes for her child from an orphanage which was allegedly run by a relative of hers.

After convincing the neighbour to let her leave with the child, Chamunorwa then travelled to her boyfriend’s place instead. When she failed to return the child, the concerned mother raised alarm and filed a police report leading to her arrest.



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