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Woman forces ex to have mjolo

Woman loses underwear mysteriously

Woman forces ex to have mjolo

A man from Bulawayo has begged a court to grant him a protection order against his ex-girlfriend who forces him to engage in mjolo.

Daniel Mxoza from Entumbane suburb is tormented by Sicelesile Ndlovu, who is reportedly sexually abusing him.

In his court papers he said: “I am tired of my ex-girlfriend who abuses me sexually as she forces me to sleep with her yet she has many boyfriends some of which (sic) I caught red handed at her house,” said Mxoza.

Additionally, Mxoza said Ndlovu went to his workplace uninvited and started being violent.

“She interrupts me at my workplace because she comes uninvited, and starts being violent.

“She threatens me with dangerous weapons at my workplace or even at home and on the streets,” said Mxoza.

Mxoza also revealed that Ndlovu forces him to buy her groceries and pay her bills, and when she pays herself she accuses him of owing her money.

“Because of what she does to me I’m not well. Her behaviour stresses me a lot, I have high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and I once found myself with a sexually transmitted illness,” added Mxoza.

Ndlovu never refuted any of the allegations.

Western Commonage magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube ordered Ndlovu to refrain from abusing Mxoza.

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