Woman demands marriage after break up


Woman demands marriage after break up

A Harare woman is at loggerheads with her ex-lover after he married another woman.

Woman demands marriage after break up

Naboth Nyobo approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against his former lover Busi Matinhure.

Naboth told the court that Busi threatened him with death if he didn’t marry her.

“She threatened me that if I don’t marry her she was going to kill me or tell my current wife that our relationship did not end,” he said.

Naboth told the court that Busi had been insulting and assaulting him ever since they broke up.

“It has caused a huge impact in my life that I am now scared to be embarrassed at my workplace which led me into applying for a protection order.

“I was now worried about her next move; she was targeting to assault me at work which could have put a risk on my job,” he said.

In response Busi admitted that she might have demanded marriage but explained that it was out of anger from the breakup.

“I would never force anyone to marry me if they don’t want; he is just using the statement I said when I was angry against me of which it is not true because I’m now happy with someone else,” she said.

Busi claimed that Naboth was the one who had been abusive towards her.

“I have never threatened to assault him at his workplace and have no intentions of doing so.

“He is just being dramatic,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Miti dismissed the matter saying it was invalid since Naboth had no vital reasons to apply for an order.



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