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Woman Demands Lobola From Father!

Woman Demands Lobola From Father!

Woman Demands Lobola From Father!

A 36-year-old woman has demanded lobola paid for her from her father.

Fungai Mudadi is at loggerheads with her father, Farai Kambudzi, 58, whom she says has to give her lobola paid for her so that she hands over to her mother’s relatives who took care of her after the father denied responsibility for her.

The two are now in a bitter war of words over the lobola. Mudadi is reportedly insulting her father through phone messages, demanding her lobola, accusing him of refusing to go for DNA tests.

Kambudzi, a truck driver, confirmed his doubts over being Mudadi’s biological father, although he received her lobola at his Budiriro house while claiming to be her father.

Mudadi told H-Metro that Kambudzi denied responsibility when her late mother Jerina Mudadi fell pregnant, but later accepted responsibility in order to receive her lobola.

“What I want is for Kambudzi to return lobola he received for my marriage because it came to light that he wanted money when he claimed to be my father on the last hour,” said Mudadi.

“My mother passed on when I was two months old and I had to be raised by my grandmother and I was informed that Kambudzi refused responsibility when my mother fell pregnant.

Woman Demands Lobola From Father!

“I learnt of the death of my mother at the age of 13 years since she died and left me being breast-fed by my grandmother.

Mbuya vangu vakarumura mwana wavo vakatanga kuyamwisa inini nekuti ndakasiyiwa ndirikasvava. “My boyfriend is the one who gave me the last chance to look for my biological father before paying lobola and I told him about Kambudzi issue since it was the only information I had.

“I could not ignore his suggestion and on visiting Kambudzi about my lover’s intention to marry me, he was quick to claim that the whole family was waiting for my coming and he took me to a family gathering where I was introduced to the Kambudzi family.

“Convinced about this, I gave my lover the green light to pay lobola and he did that, only to be told a few months later that I was not of their blood,” said Mudadi.

Mudadi said she has had miscarriages in her marriage and suspects that misfortunes are emanating from paternity issues.

Mudadi said Kambudzi even received a beast as part of lobola, but one of the Kambudzi family members later disclosed the paternity issue.

Kambudzi confirmed receiving lobola at his Budiriro house, saying the late Mudadi’s mother had mjolo with him, his father and one of their cattle herders, leaving other family members questioning paternity.

“”It’s true that Mudadi’s husband paid lobola and it was received at my house, but one of my relatives later raised the issues that broke out when her mother said I was responsible for her pregnancy,” said Kambudzi.

“Her mother was my parents’ maid and they fell in love with my father behind our backs and one of our cattle herders at a farm in Chivhu.

“I could not accept responsibility for her pregnancy when I discovered about her bedding my father and the cattle herder.

“Mudadi’s husband is the one who forced her to look for her biological father and the probability of her being my sister is there since my father bedded her mother.

“On the other hand, she can be my child since I also fell in love with her mother, but the problem came when we met as a family discussing about the cattle herder who is not of our blood.

“There is need for paternity tests and if the results come out pointing either to myself or my father as the biological father, no lobola can be refunded, but if the cattle herder is responsible, we are prepared to refund it,” said Kambudzi.

Mudadi family member Davison Mudadi accused Kambudzi of receiving lobola without involving them, arguing that they never raised the child in question.

“We were shocked to hear that the Kambudzi family received lobola for a child they never raised and above all, they denied responsibility during their mother’s pregnancy,” said Davison.

“It was best for the Kambudzi family to consult us, but they showed that they wanted money over observing our cultural traditions on customary marriage,” said Davison.

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