Woman claims maintenance from 96-year-old.

“I want $360 to take care of myself and my younger sister because I have been legally married to Joseph since 2012.“He has been receiving money from his child who is in UK and also gets money from tenants. “He has been suffering from loss of memory so I have been taking care of him since he can no longer walk because he is now old,” said Mausiyeko.

Mausiyeko Masamadya A city woman is claiming maintenance from her 96-year-old husband who has mental lapses. Mausiyeko Masamadya, 40, dragged Joseph Musamadya to court claiming $360 despite having no children in their marriage.

She also said that this was the third time they have been to court. “This is the third time we have been to court and we both have protection orders against each other because his children have been forcing me to vacate our premises,” added Mausiyeko.

Joseph refused to offer maintenance suggesting that Mausiyeko was the one who was supposed to maintain him as she has been abusing him physically and emotionally.

“She is now living with her boyfriend in Chitungwiza and she ran away when she noticed that I was now using a wheelchair because of old age. “She has been claiming all my properties knowing that I am now old and I might die soon. “She also infected me with HIV which led to my mental problems,” said Joseph.

He also told the court that he will not offer any maintenance because they had no kids. “I am surprised she has been claiming maintenance because we don’t have children and I am the one who needs to be maintained.

“I have been trying my best to file a divorce but she has been taking advantage that I am old and mentally disturbed,” he said. Presiding magistrate Sheila Nanzombe dismissed the case on the basis that the old man is the one who should be maintained.

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