Woman Chops Off Hubby’s ‘Joystick’ Throws It Out Of The Window


Woman Chops Off Hubby’s ‘Joystick’ Throws It Out Of The Window

A WOMAN whose husband was poking other women decided to take drastic action to put an end to his cheating ways.


According to Daily Mail, on Monday Karuna Sanusan (24) executed her plan while her husband Siripan (40) lay sleeping in their house in Sriracha near Bangkok, Thailand.

She later told the cops: “Me and my husband work together selling organic vegetables at a stall. Before this happened I became suspicious he was having an affair. I always saw him flirting with a lot of girls and I had an idea of what he was doing.

“Then I found out that he was secretly going with other women. This made me very angry. I was full of anger and couldn’t relax. I was so angry inside.

“I planned to do this. I aroused him in the morning while he was absent-minded, then used the knife to cut off his pe_nis. I threw it out of the window.”

Neighbours heard Siripan’s howls of agony and called the cops, who rushed him to Samitivej Sriracha Hospital nearby. They eventually found his 4-5 outside, but their efforts to store it in ice so surgeons could sew it back on his body failed.

Cop Somkid Boonlert said: “Police arrived along with rescue staff and found the man severely injured.

“The man had lost a lot of blood. He is now under close medical supervision. He will never be able to use his penis in the same way again. Doctors said the cells in the penis are dead as it had been out of his body for too long. He will be disabled for the rest of his life.”

Karuna has been arrested and is being held in custody.


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