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Woman Charged For Journalist’s death!

Woman Charged For Journalist's death!

Woman Charged For Journalist’s death!

A Hillside woman was in court yesterday to answer to culpable homicide charges that led to the death of her lover and public relations practitioner Augustine ‘Dalubuhle’ Moyo.

The suspect Sandra Vimbai Gwavava pleaded not guilty when she appeared before Harare regional magistrate Gloria Takundwa.

The State led by Cecelia Mashingaidze has it that Gwavava and Moyo were having an affair and on May 25, the lovers had a misunderstanding and Gwavava was sitting on the driver’s seat in her Honda Fit parked along Selkirk Road in Eastlea.

The State alleges that during the argument, Gwavava reversed her car from the parking bay while Moyo wrestled with the steering wheel and she drove forward for 42 meters while Moyo was holding onto the steering wheel with part of his body suspended from the vehicle.

The car rammed onto a tree which resulted in Moyo sustaining severe injuries which caused his death the next morning around 1am.

A post mortem was conducted on Moyo’s remains and it was concluded that death was caused by hypovolemic shock, retroperitoneal haemorrhage, pelvic fractures and blunt force trauma.

In denying the charges, Gwavava said her boyfriend “authored his own death by his own reckless conduct.

“It is unfortunate and regrettable that such actions of the now deceased have been deliberately and misconstrued by the state which sought to charge her knowing fully well that her actions on the day in question do not at all constitute the essential elements of the crime of culpable homicide as envisaged in the charge sheet.

“In fact, she will tell the court that on the day in question, the now deceased was determined to see her die as the deceased indicated that it was either him or her that was going to die on the fateful day and fate determined otherwise, and it was him who unfortunately passed on.

“Accused will tell the court that she was in love with the deceased since September 2019 until on the fateful day when she decided to terminate the love affair due to their incessant physical and verbal abuses that characterised their love relationship.

“She will reiterate that during their relationship she was forced to bow down to him in acknowledgement of the fact that he was in control of the relationship and failure to do so would result in assault and she was forced to worship him instead of God,” reads parts of her defence outline.

Gwavava told the court that Moyo was of violent nature that is why she decided to end the relationship on the day in question and on the day in question when she told him that she wanted to end the relationship, ‘all hell broke loose’ and they started fighting.

She further told the court that on the day in question, she was driven by a desire to run away from an angry man who wanted to end her life for jilting him and Moyo was so reckless with his life that he dived onto a vehicle that was already in motion leading to a fatal accident.

The State opened its case by leading evidence from an eye witness Constantine Muserekwa who is a security guard at Pennywise Shops who testified that Gwavava saw that Moyo was suspended outside her car but still decided to drive the car to cause his death.

Second witness was Chantelle Moyo, who was Moyo’s wife who told the court that she was just advised that her husband had had an altercation with Gwavava and that had resulted in his death and she was later called to identify her husband’s body.

The matter will be back in court on September 16 for trial continuation.

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