Woman Burns Down Hubby With Petrol Over Sorghum Bucket


Woman Burns Down Hubby With Petrol Over Sorghum Bucket

A WOMAN from Mangwe District ran amok and allegedly poured 20 litres of petrol on her husband then set him on fire following a massive dispute over a bucket of sorghum.5 YEAR OLD DIES AFTER FIRE BLAZES FUEL DEALER'S HOUSE

The now deceased, Alphos Moyo (57) lost his life at Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo last week following the tragic attack on April 4 at around 8PM.

Monica Nxumalo (54) from Mayobodo area allegedly poured the petrol on the veranda where her husband was seated. She is said to have lit a match and set the house ablaze.

It is reported that in the process, her skirt caught fire before she ran to the bush in flames. The two were sent to the Brunapeg hospital and later referred to Mpilo Central Hospital.

“Moyo accused his wife of giving her sister a bucket of sorghum and some groceries while he was away in South Africa. Monica suspected their herdsman, Amen Mudimba, was the one who had snitched on her. She called him from his bedroom and threatened to burn him,” said the source

“Moyo, however, said someone else had told him about the issue. Monica is a violent woman, so being afraid of being burnt in his sleep, Mudimba decided to go and sleep at a neighbour’s homestead,” the source said.

“Monica took petrol which was in a 20 litre container and poured it on the floor. The petrol flowed out of the dining room to the veranda and she closed the door while her husband was inside. She struck a match while the maid was watching and threw it into the pool of petrol,” said the source.

A police source said there was a loud whoosh as the fuel ignited and flames were suddenly everywhere.

“Nxumalo’s skirt also caught fire and she fled to the bush in flames,” said the source.

A neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity said the inferno attracted neighbours who rushed to assist in putting it out.

“We found Moyo ablaze, rolling on the ground. He was screaming that his wife had killed him for his riches,” said the neighbour.

Nxumalo arrived while the neighbours were battling the huge fire,

“Moyo saw his wife and ordered her to finish him off. She coldly told him that he would die on his own. The two were taken to Brunapeg Hospital but later transferred to Mpilo where Moyo died after four days,” the neighbour said.

However, Matabeleland South Acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Loveness Mangena could not comment on the matter yesterday saying she was yet to look into it as the incident might not have been reported.



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