Woman Aborts Pregnancy, Throws Foetus In Toilet


Woman Aborts Pregnancy, Throws Foetus In Toilet

A 24-YEAR-OLD woman from Fumugwe in Matobo District was ‘fortunate’ to escape a 12-month jail term after a court found her guilty of aborting a three-month-old foetus, which she dumped in a Blair toilet.

Talent Siwela of Phumuzamaphiko Village in Fumugwe intentionally ingested an abortifacient of a local flower, to terminate the pregnancy.

Soon after, she had serious stomach pains and started bleeding.She then delivered a foetus in a bucket, which she disposed of in a pit latrine.

Siwela, who is also a mother of a young child, defended her actions saying the father of her unborn child was a polygamist who denied responsibility of the pregnancy.

The magistrate sentenced her to 12 months imprisonment of which two months were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour while the remaining 10 months were wholly suspended on condition she performs 350 hours of community service at Fumugwe Clinic.



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