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Witch confronts pastor: “I want my goblins back”

A self-confessed witch caused a stir when she confronted a local pastor at his house in Bulawayo’s Southwold suburb accusing him of ruining her nocturnal business by allegedly killing her three goblins.

It is reported that on Sunday last week Apostle Stanely Maduma of Life CrossOver Ministries woke up to find a scary visitor at his gate yelling loudly while asking him why he killed her three nasty little creatures with his holy water which he had given to her tenants who are members of his church.

In voice audio in possession of B-Metro, the woman who identified herself as MaNcube and claimed she was from Newton West suburb is heard chillingly revealing the names of her three goblins while asking the man of God to tell her the source of his powers which had managed to strip her of her “demonic spells”.

In her increasingly bizarre tirade, she also claimed that fellow witches from her area were no longer respecting her because he (Apostle Maduma) had left her helpless with no weapons to fight with.

A witness who spoke to B-Metro and requested anonymity said neighbors flocked to witness the bizarre incident after they heard the woman shouting and threatening Apostle Maduma while accusing him of having disarmed her of her most “prized possessions”.

“I was in a state of disbelief after I heard the woman shouting outside Apostle Maduma’s gate while questioning him why he killed her goblins.

“We’ve never seen such a thing since we started staying here (Southwold) and we are happy that Apostle Maduma remained vigilant when he was threatened by the woman,” the witness said.

Confirming the unfortunate incident, Apostle Maduma said the destruction of the mystical creatures was a big testimony and demonstration of God’s power.

Apostle Stanely Maduma

Quoting Luke 10:19 which says, “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and overall the power of the enemy and nothing shall hurt you”, Apostle Maduma said evil spirits were no match for the power of Christ.

“I woke up at 6 am and started washing my car when I heard a woman standing by the gate shouting at me. She was fuming that I rendered her useless by killing her three goblins.

In the process, she was also prodding me why I gave her tenants who are also members of my church holy water to use it against her.

“She insisted that I put something in that holy water that had destroyed her goblins. She said she had decided to come and confront me physically because she wanted to know the source of my power.

She only left when I threatened to report her to the police,” narrated Apostle Maduma.

Apostle Maduma said before he gave them holy water, the family had been complaining of constant nightly torments by unseen creatures.

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