CAPS UNITED new signing Wisdom Mutasa believes coach Lloyd Chitembwe will bring the best out of him.


The former Dynamos player, son to Lloyd Mutasa, opted to join the rivals to try and revive his career. “It was my decision to join CAPS United and I am glad my father supported me. He (Father) told me that it was a good decision and decided not to block my aspirations,” said Wisdom.

“I am positive that Chitembwe is the right coach who can help me with what I want, and that is to revive my career. I admired how he worked with the 2016 CAPS United team.

“And it is one of the reasons why I opted to go to a team that is coached by him.”

Chitembwe have taken on board a number of players trying to revive their careers and on paper they are one of the strongest teams in the Premiership.

“So far so good and I cannot complain at the moment. I am loving this new found home as I was received well by the CAPS United family.”

It will be interesting the day when Wisdom will come face-to-face with his former teammates and father.

“When I play against Dynamos, I just see the match as a derby and nothing else. It does not matter that my father will be coaching Dynamos.

“I will take all the encounters against Dynamos like any other normal game,” he said.

Given the composition of the CAPS United squad, it will be difficult for the midfielder to get a starting place.

Wisdom however remains optimistic.

“It will also be great to be one the best eleven players in this coming season, and that is my top priority.

“I would also like to score more goals for CAPS United this coming season and it is also achievable to be the top goal scorer come this season,” he said.