WINKY D OUTSHINES BEENIE MAN | Top Jamaican musician Demarco came on stage relaxed, seemingly unmoved by the fact that his elder in the industry and fellow Jamaican Beenie Man was performing at a venue a few kilometres away.


And while his elder was being schooled by Winky D at the Alexander Sports Club, Demarco was energetic and he communicated well with the crowd that could not have enough of his hits.

King Cong, as Dermaco is affectionately known, made sure that he leaves people with sweet memories of a well-delivered act.Clad in a yellow and green, the musician killed it with most of his hit songs that were very familiar with the crowd.

While on stage he showered praises on Zimbabwe thanking the people for their support.“We have come here to party and I thank you Zimbabwe for supporting me,” he said.For almost two hours he was on stage he gave revellers value for their money.He also acknowledged talent among local musicians that performed.

“Zimbabwe is full of talent, I have seen some them performing here and I was satisfied by their performance,” he said.

While this was happening, at the Alexander Sports Club, Beenie Man, who was clad in an African piece suit, did injustice to the fans as his performance was poor.

The Girls Dem Sugar hit maker, who began his act up with a freestyle track on Zimbabwe, could not maintain the happy mood in the crowd that was shocked by his dull performance.

It seems people still had the memories of his 2010 show when he performed in Harare and left lasting impressions. They were expecting the same act but this time it was all disappointment.

Beenie Man failed to rekindle his relationship with his long-time fans.

Some fans started to walk out in the middle of the show with some chanting, “We were robbed” outside the sporting arena.

On the other hand Winky D proved his prowess as he managed to put up a top drawer performance.

Clad in red leather outfit, Winky D made a grand entrance with, Mudhara Vauya song which drove the fully-packed ground crowd into frenzy.

Winky D then dished out some of his hit songs both new and old such as Bhebhi Rinobhowa, Not Nice, Photo-Life, Controversy, Disappear and Musarova Bigman among others.

What made him steal the show again? He managed to communicate well with the crowd and could explain the next song he was about to sing, preparing the fans for the next hit of his playlist.