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Winky D finally speaks about politics directly as he joins in the #FreeHopewell

Winky D has finally addressed the politics of this country in a more direct way for the first time since we knew him. He was one of the many celebrities who were being criticised for not commenting on politics in this country.

With the following and the command he has, many said he was not using this advantage to address the political side directly. He however from his songs addresses the social, economical and sometimes political issues but just that it would be indirect.

He has had a tussle with the police especially with his last project Njema in which he launched wearing inmates uniforms. Govt had moved to stop the album launch. But later on reason with him and came to and understanding. One of his songs on the Album Njema clearly addresses issues we are currently facing as a nation

Below are some of the lyrics from the song titled Njema: Tinoona setakasununguka Tichiti hatina zvinotishupa.Kubatana kwenyama nemapfupa. Asi mweya yakasuduruka Tava kufamba tiri tega panyama.Tisina anotigeza munyama.Zvatiri nhapwa mukurarama.Kusadziona dzakachena munana.

He however directly joined the #FreeHopewell movement which has seen many artists endorsing after the journalist was arrested by the govt, being accused of inciting violence. Below is Winky D’s post on the issue.


Source | MbareTimes

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