Will Minister SB Moyo’s wife bite?


Will Minister SB Moyo’s wife bite?.

Bulawayo based analyst Michael Mdladla Ndiweni said, “It remains to be seen if this current crop of Commissioners is not just paper tigers, they will have teeth to bite. My considered view is that the success of this Commission is hinged on the Political Will to carry out its Constitutional Mandate as provided for in Chapter 13 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

ZACC ChairpersonAnalysts have questioned whether the newly composed Zimbabwe Ant Corruption Corruption will live up to the task and thoroughly investigate and arrest officials who are fingered in corruption activities and abuse of public office.

The Commission is headed by Lois Matanda-Moyo the wife of General Sibusiso Busi Moyo.

“I think, Firstly they must carry out a low-cost trust-building exercise or campaign to build trust among citizens about the seriousness of the Commission. Secondly, words must translate into action, we saw in the previous commission a lot of issues were paid lip service with little or no action in practice. Thirdly I think they must target local authorities weed out corruption in tender processes and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and clean up the mess that has made these institutions perennial loss-making entities.”

Constitutional lawyer Shephard Dube said the jury is still out on whether the Commissioners will deliver or not.

“I think for now we can play wait and see because the Chairperson said they have more than ten cases that they are handling. If we begin to arrests and convictions then we will be certain that we have a strong institution. If you look at the Auditor General’s office you will realize that it has been very vigilant in exposing the rot especially in public institutions so we hope this team of commissioners will compliment her efforts.”



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