Wife Disowns Dying Hubby…Man Dies In Lover’s Arms

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Wife Disowns Dying Hubby…Man Dies In Lover’s Arms

A 42-year-old Highfield man reportedly died in his lover’s arms on Sunday.

Crema Masiya, a father of three children died after complaining of severe headache and nose bleeding which began while at her mistress Tapiwa Tafirenyika’s, 33, shebeen in Cherima lines in Highfield.

Tafirenyika confirmed the incident saying the man passed on arrival at Sally Mugabe Hospital after a severe headache and bleeding he underwent in her arms.

Tafirenyika told H-Metro that she clashed with Masiya’s wife Renia Mubayiwa over taking the sick man to the hospital.

“Masiya came to my house from work complaining with a severe headache,” said Tafirenyika.

“I engaged my friend when I noticed that he was bleeding from the nose and mouth and we hired a taxi and took him to his first wife around midnight.

“I gave him some tablets in an effort to save his life but in vain.

“Mudzimai wake patamunokera tichimuudza zvekurwara kwemurume aramba kubuda zvikanzi pedzeranai nekuti ndimi manga munaye.

“She was so arrogant that I was quick to suspect that it was the reason her husband was finding peace and love at my house for the past three years.

“It’s only that I a mother of four children who separated with my husband, I could have sired a child with Masiya zvino mmmm zvimwe unowonawo wekuiita mwana naye.

“I went with Masiya to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arriving,” said Tafirenyika.

A number of her neighbours gathered to console as she directed the mourners to New Canaan where Masiya rented house with his family.

She vowed to attend the funeral arguing that Masiya’s father accepted her as a second wife.

“Masiya’s father used to visit me here and he told me that mourners will be gathered at his house in Southlands.

“I will be accompanied by my big five female body guards to the funeral in case the late’s wife decide to attack me.

“Mudzimai wacho anozviti anoenda kukereke asi asingagone kuchengeta murume saka parufu tinenge tiri tese kusvika aradzikwa,” said Tafirenyika.

Masiya’s neighbours and workmates were gathered at his rented house in New Canaan but Mubayiwa had already left to Southlands where mourners were expected to gather.

Mubayiwa said she was yet to accept the mishap and was not in a position to comment.

“I have no comment at the moment and I am at my father-in-law’s house in Southlands right now,” said Mubayiwa.

Sources close to Masiya camp said the late had a soft touch with women.

“Mumwe wedu taitamba naye asi panoti madzimai apa mmmm ateverwa nemabasa ake.

“Aita mufiro webenzi kunofira kucherima achiita mabasa erima,” said one of his neighbours.

“Hanzi kwaTafirenyika aidziisirwa mvura yekugeza neimwe yekudira mujemba achiberekwa achisiya vana vake vaduku vachifa nenzara,” said the neighbour.

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