WIFE BASHED OVER WET PANT!ES | A KUWADZANA man was yesterday fined US$70 for bashing his wife after he found a wet pantie and towel on the bed.


Tawanda Mushayiwedu was convicted after a full trial when he appeared before Harare magistrate Farai Gwitima charged with physical abuse.The complainant in this matter is Vivian Chiyanike.

He was ordered to pay US$70 or risks being jailed for 20 days.During mitigation, Tawanda begged the court for a lesser sentence promising not to assault his wife again.

He asked for forgiveness from his wife and also promised not do it again.The two were advised to solve their differences amicably.The State represented by Bigboy Chigadaga proved that on July 13 this year at around 1am, Tawanda returned home drunk.

It said when he got home, he saw a wet towel on the bed and asked his wife why she placed it on the bed.

Chiyanike told her husband that the towel was for wiping their daughter since she had flu.This did not satisfy him and he started assaulting her with open hands on the face.

After the assault, Chiyanike reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Tawanda.



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