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Wicknell’s Wife Responds!

Mai Wicknell Chivayo using 100 bill to wipe tears

The Chivayo family is at war and Wicknell’s wife, Sonja, who is at the centre of it, has today responded the best way she knows how.

She has not directly responded to the barrage of attacks. Instead she welcomed the many followers who flooded her IG page. Meanwhile, Wicknell maintained his silence as more cans of worms were opened.

Wicknell's Wife Responds!


Wicknell's Wife Responds!


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Businessman, Wicknell Chivayo’s wife, Sonja, has revealed that she dumped a broke boyfriend for Wicknell.

I dumped my broke boyfriend for Sir Wicknell” – Sonja

She explained how he came to rescue her when she was at her lowest, leading to the richer Wicknell winning her heart…full story