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Wicknell Chivayo hearing postponed

Wicknell Chivayo hearing postponed

Wicknell Chivayo hearing postponed

The hearing of businessman Wicknell Chivayo and former Zimbabwe Power Company boss Stanley Nyasha Kazhanje who are being charged for bribe that was set down for yesterday was postponed to Friday due to the unavailability of the trial magistrate who was attending a staff member’s funeral.

The duo appeared before Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje.

The presiding magistrate Ngoni Nduna is expected to make a ruling on Kazhanje’s special plea that saw him applying to have the charges against him dropped since he has already been convicted of hiding the transaction, which he claims was a straight-forward business payment made before he took the ZPC post, from his principle.

“The charges arise from a single transaction between the third and first accused in 2016.

“The evidence that proves the one is the same that proves the other. There is nothing new that the State subsequently discovered that could warrant a new charge.”

Kazhanje said trying him on the current charge was in violation of his right to be tried twice on same facts.

He denied the allegations, saying he did consultation work for Intratrek Zimbabwe in 2014 before his appointment as ZPC board chairperson in a tender project for Terminal Engineers, which he said was not successful.

Kazhanje said he was entitled to payment for the services rendered to Chivayo’s company and the money was deposited into his personal account.

He denied that he tried to influence ZPC to make a favourable decision to Chivayo and his company.

Chivayo and his company Intratek Zimbabwe both pleaded not guilty denying ever transferring the US$10 000 to Kazhanje as a bribe, saying it was payment for consultancy services rendered to his firm before Kazhanje joined the ZPC board.

Advocate Uriri agreed Intratrek Zimbabwe did transfer US$10 000 “into the account of Stanley Kazhanje”, but said it “was made at a time prior to the said Stanley Kazhanje’s appointment as the ZPC board chair and for professional services rendered prior thereto.

“The said Stanley Kazhanje did not do anything to show favour to Intratrek Zimbabwe nor was he induced in any manner whatsoever whether as alleged or at all.”

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