Wickell Chivayo: Gimbimbi is definitely having s.e.x with Miss V Candy.

The outspoken businessman sensationally claimed that the rumours that Ginimbi and Miss V Candy are dating were false but it was obvious that the two were having s.e.xcapades. Chivayo made these claims on a comment on the microblogging site Instagram. Harare businessman and socialite Wickell Chivayo has spoken out on the Ginimbi Miss V Candy dating allegations, claiming that the two might be frequently having s.e.x.

Miss V Candy” In my view knowing Genius to be a businessman and Mrs V Candy being a prominent DJ I really don’t think they are dating at all. However, it can only be obvious that they are most probably having s.e.x maybe just 5 or 6 times a week which really doesn’t mean anything to two big names in the entertainment industry. To guys like Ginimbi s.e.x is a hobby, just like sport (playing tennis, soccer etc.)”

5 THINGS YOU MIGHT KNOW ABOUT GINIMBIThis comes after rumours surfaced earlier this week that the radio personality Miss V Candy, real name Nonhlanhla Thuthani, was dating businessman Genius Kadungure, after she was captured on several occasions at the businessman’s Domboshava mansion wearing different outfits.

Sir Wicknell commentsIn an article published yesterday, the radio presenter refuted the allegations and clarified on the images and made it clear that being seen at someone’s house did not mean that the two people are involved.


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