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“Why My Sister Waited Until 38”

At 38, my sister @i_am_tsie got married. I always used to tell her if i were a guy i would marry you in a heartbeat because she’s such an awesome person, and as you can see from the pictures she’s very beautiful, she’s learned, and her personality is magnetic (ask everyone who knows her).

So why 38?
Tsi has always known what she wants, and she’s not the type to settle. I have seen men come and go in her life, i have been there through the disappointments, the heartbreaks and the tears. I’ve heard the labels put on her, I have seen the sideway glances she got from friends and family upon realising her age and the fact that she was unmarried. BUT GOD🙌🏽

"Why My Sister Waited Until 38"

Never give up on love, never settle, never feel pressured to get married. ‘When the time is right, i the Lord, will make it happen’ Isaiah 60:22. There’s a God above and he knows the desires of your heart. Just wait on Him.

Congratulations Tsitsi, you know i’m crazy about you and this wouldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Here’s to you and Bamkuru growing old together (older than you already are🤣)🍾🥂. I love you❤️

"Why My Sister Waited Until 38"


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