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“Where is the $7 Million”, KHUPE TO CHAMISA


The acting MDC T leader, Thokozani Khupe says former leader, Nelson Chamisa must account for the $7 million the party received from the government.

“The $7 million that you are referring to is political finances money which belongs to the organization. Whatever funds are received, they must be accounted for. Political finances are meant to fund the activities of the organizations and not meant to go to an individual’s pocket.

“Currently, I do not have details of how the money was used. I have read also in the media about the allegations.

In the MDC-A, we have our party MDC-T; certainly, we will be interested to find out what has been happening with regards to public funds under the previous leadership of Mr Nelson Chamisa.

I would like to lead a corruption-free organization and if time permits, I would like to get to the bottom of the matter,” she told The Sunday Mail.

The government recently released more than $7 million to the MDC-Alliance as part of the $25 million that was shared with the ruling Zanu-PF as funding from the Political Parties Finance Act.


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