Home Tech WhatsApp is finally coming to iPads thanks to multidevice support

WhatsApp is finally coming to iPads thanks to multidevice support

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WhatsApp is finally coming to iPads thanks to multidevice support

According to the esteemed source of all things WhatsApp-WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is finally coming to iPads. If you are an Android user like me it’s hard to contain the shock.

It seems incomprehensible but it’s true, currently, the only way to run WhatsApp on an iPad is via the WhatsApp web. This means you will need to have it running on another device.

In a tweet explaining the new development, WABetaInfo sought to shed some light on this new development. They provided a series of questions and provided answers.

• Is WhatsApp for iPad a web app? No, it’s a native app!
• Will WhatsApp for iPad work independently? Yes.
• Is WhatsApp for iPad already available? No.
• WhatsApp beta for iPad? If you have WhatsApp beta for iOS, you will automatically have the iPad version in the future.

The new native app will be thanks to the multidevice support-the gift that keeps giving. Currently, you can only use WhatsApp on one device and if you want to use it on another device you have to fire up WhatsApp web and the primary device has to be online all the time. This is in contrast to Telegram that allows you to chat natively on multiple devices independent of each other.

Thanks to new multi-device support this will no longer be necessary. You will now soon be able to register WhatsApp on your primary device and then link your iPad to that new account. The primary device will no longer need to be online in order for you to use WhatsApp on your iPad.

The wonderful world of sideloading

If you are an Android user here is something you probably didn’t know. WhatsApp is not officially supported on Android tablets either! This is not a big deal as any Android user knows all you need to do to install WhatsApp on your tablet is to simply download the APK and sideload it. You can even take things a step further by installing a third-party store like APKPure.Technically this is against WhatsApp’s terms of service but Facebook doesn’t seem to mind. Why should they? This simply means more people using WhatsApp.

In the world of Apple, things are a little bit different. The company is firmly in charge of the entire ecosystem and their Appstore is locked tight. You need quite the skill in order to sideload stuff and honestly, it’s not worth the hassle.

In other news,

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