Often, during his public career, he was referred to as a political chameleon, and this was because of his “I-hate-Mugabe-I-love-Mugabe-I-hate-Mugabe-I-love-Mugabe” incarnations over the years.


But there is more to Prof Moyo than just his in-and-out of Zanu-PF antics. There are layers that are yet to be peeled, and he has not helped the writing of his story much – perhaps deliberately by giving convoluted tales about his activities during the liberation struggle, how he ended up in the United States, and what his true purpose in worming his way into Zanu-PF was.

Many people have given their accounts, either rubbishing Prof Moyo’s allegedly revisionist history, or insinuating he is an agent of a foreign government, sent to infiltrate Zanu-PF and destroy it from within.

It seems not only those in Zanu-PF have issue with Prof Moyo’s intentions and ways.
The following is a little story which Prof Moyo, as far as we can tell, has never challenged – about the man way back in the 1970s.

It is told by wife of Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole, Vesta Sithole, in her biography of her husband.

The book is titled “My life with an unsung hero”, and was published by Author House in September 2006.

The narrative we quote is interesting not only for giving an indication of what politics Prof Moyo played in the 1970s; but also for the little details pointing to working closely with the other halves of leaders, and a fascination with using technology to drive his “points” home.

Vesta Sithole, on pages 104-105, says: “Among the many supporters of Zanu (Ndonga) was Jonathan Moyo, who was taking pictures and slides to show the world how much support the party had. Many people loved to see themselves on these slides, which Mr Moyo displayed on a projector.

“In September 1979, just before the Lancaster House Conference, Mr Moyo and I were sent to East Africa to tell our supporters about the meetings we had held with people in the country. We were also to show Mr Moyo’s slides so people could realise how popular Reverend Sithole was.

“We were then to join the rest of the people in London for the Lancaster House Conference. Our first leg of the journey took us to Malawi, then Zambia. I decided to travel from Zambia to Tanzania to check on my property. (Vesta Sithole had previously been married to a Tanzanian.)

“Mr Moyo and I agreed to meet up in Nairobi, Kenya. When I got to Kenya a few days later, I could not find Mr Moyo at the hotel at which we were supposed to meet. The hotel attendant told me Mr Moyo had checked in, but left without saying where he was going.

“I realised then that he had left with all the equipment and pictures. I later heard that he had gone to the United States. Meanwhile, I was left in Kenya with nothing to show the governments in Uganda, Sudan and Egypt, where we were scheduled to go.

“I now had to explain by word of mouth how the meetings went and how strong support was for Reverend Sithole. I was very angry with Mr Moyo for sabotaging our work.”

That is one narrative. We are likely to hear more in coming days, weeks and months.

For now, all we can ask is: Does anyone really know who Professor Jonathan Moyo is?


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