Home Celebs Well-wishers pledge to help in trouble ex-Macheso dancer Franco Slomo

Well-wishers pledge to help in trouble ex-Macheso dancer Franco Slomo

Well-wishers pledge to help in trouble ex-Macheso dancer Franco Slomo

Franco Slomo has appealed for assistance due to a difficult situation that he is facing after his wife of seven years Lonah Guvheya left him when life got tough due to the current lockdown, which has grounded most musicians.

Many well-wishers have expressed interest to assist musician and popular dancer Francis “Franco Slomo” Dhaka following an article we published on Saturday revealing how he has been struggling with family obligations due to unfortunate incidents bedeviling his social and career life.

In an article published in The Herald on Saturday, Franco Slomo narrated how he has been struggling to take care of his two-year-old and four-year-old sons who have been left under his custody after the estranged wife’s departure.

The Herald was inundated with calls from well-wishers in the country as well as Zimbabweans in South Africa and the United Kingdom who expressed solidarity with the dancer. Franco Slomo rose to fame as Alick Macheso’s sidekick when he introduced various popular dances at Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

He then moved on to join Orchestra Dendera Kings led by Suluman Chimbetu before teaming up with Obert Gomba, Noel Nyazanda and Jonasi Kasamba, who had also left Macheso’s group, to form Extra Kwazvose.

Other members retraced their steps to Orchestra Mberikwazvo and Franco Slomo has been going it alone at Extra Kwazvose. However, waning fortunes exacerbated by the current lockdown have taken their toll on the musician and his wife has left the matrimonial union.

Franco Slomo lives in a two-roomed rented house in Chitungwiza and he has been struggling to feed his family because of ensuing hardships. Well-wishers have said they are ready to assist the musician sail through the turbulent times in his life. He has received calls from various people who have promised to help him.

Franco Slomo at home with his children
Franco Slomo at home with his children

“I have received many calls after from people that are willing to assist me after the article published by The Herald about my situation. I will be glad to get such assistance because things are hard for me. I will be grateful to everyone who will assist in this time of desperate need.”

Anyone who needs to assist Franco Slomo can contact him on his mobile number 0785210063.

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