WEDDING PREPS HALTED AS GROOM STUMBLES UPON FIANCE’s LOVE MESSAGES | Wedding plans for a Victoria Falls-based woman were called off by her long time boyfriend after he reportedly discovered messages and photos of another man she was allegedly double-crossing him with.


The bride-to-be, Sharon Zenda was left in limbo after her long time lover Lionel Sibanda discovered the steamy messages she was allegedly exchanging with her other lover Johannes Dosthuizen who she reportedly met through an online.

Dosthuizen is reportedly based in Mutare.Sources said Zenda was struggling to come to terms with Sibanda’s decision to cancel the wedding plans and forwarding of the messages and images to her parents.

So ertic are the messages of the two, Zenda and Dosthuizen, were xting while discussing about the positions they were going to put into practice on the day they meet for a joy ride.

In the video clips, which Dosthuizen sent to Zenda in a bid to apparently seduce her, he is posing fully nkd.

In some of the messages Dosthuizen is telling Zenda that he prefers dating black women because they easily get wet, a sign that they would be enjoying the scandalous activity.

Part of the xting that ruin Zenda’s relationship reads as follows:

“I hear a lot of black guys just want to bang and it is done,” asked Dosthuizen before Zenda also asked him why he likes dating black women.

“I love their passion for life and white chicks are like jelly and expect everything done the whole time for them.

“I also hear that black guys frown at a woman that gets wet during it but with whites it’s a sign you are enjoying it and it also shows that she will be on fire”.

Zenda, in response told Dosthuizen that she likes a man who s her breasts.

Speaking to B-Metro, a visibly shaken Zenda confirmed the incident. She said she was going through a difficult time to get her life back together after the break-up.

She said after her boyfriend confronted him, Dosthuizen threatened him that he was going to enlist the services of some high profile politicians to decisively deal with her. Dosthuizen, who sounded puzzled when reached for comment said he was not the one who had chats with Zenda.

“I know the story that you are asking me about. What happened is that my phone was stolen when I was in Kariba and I suspect that person who stole it is the one who was chatting with Sharon. I never communicated with Sharon in any way and I can categorically state that I had nothing to do with her. The issue about my lost phone is being investigated by the police,” said Dosthuizen.

Although he denied knowledge of the lewd images forwarded to this publication he, however, admitted that the face accompanying them was his.

Zenda, however, insisted that it was indeed Dosthuizen whom she was communicating with before she even sent a string of messages to B-Metro in which he (Dosthuizen) was apologising to her boyfriend saying he didn’t know that Zenda was attached.

“He is the one I was chatting with. After my boyfriend discovered the messages and pictures he apologised to him,” said Zenda.

Sibanda could not be reached for comment as he was said to be out of the country by the time of going to print.