VISITING Chimurenga guru Dr Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo, might be ageing but he still has the mojo to keep fans entertained.


So talented is the iconic singer that every fan hopes that the seed of great artistry he sowed continues to grow and feed future generations.

The 72-year-old proved all the doubting Thomases wrong when he put on a vintage performance at Glamis Arena last weekend.

Mukanya, who returned to his roots for the first time after 14 years in exile in the US, gave Zimbabweans what they have been waiting for over the years.

And Zimbabweans had every reason to be ecstatic after Mukunya’s return had been a matter of conjecture until he made up his mind this year after the emergence of the new political dispensation ushered by President Mnangagwa.

And his home-coming bira was more than a reunion as he simply gave loyal fans real value for their money.

Backed by a superb a star-studied 18-piece Blacks Unlimited outfit made up of both local and foreign acts, Mukanya left an indelible mark to be cherished for years to come.

Even fellow artistes who provided cover at his bira, hailed Mukanya for his great artistry.

It was indeed a night to remember as Mukanya reunited with fellow band members like saxophonist Phillip Svosve and trombone player Canaan Kamoyo while Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi added decency.

Songbird Diana “Mangwenya” Samkange who made it into the line-up after complaining over the omission of female artistes along with Gary Tight, Winky D and Suluman will forever cherish the bira.

Fans too could not hide their elation after Mukanya heeded their call to return home.

Some of the fans even suggested that Mukanya should have staged his bira at the giant National Sports Stadium as he proved to be a man of the people.

The revered entertainer who has been preaching the gospel of peace, love and harmony ever since he returned might be leaving today but he simply left an impact.

Below is what some of the artistes who shared the stage with Mukanya said:

It has always been my wish that Mukanya returns home and meets his fans.

What you saw today is what every fan has been expecting to see.

I am so excited that he managed to visit my place (Pakare Paye) in Norton where we spoke at length.

We had a nice time together as we spent the whole day together.

Mukanya and I are always in touch and when he visited me, we shared a lot of ideas and I hope to continue working hard.

I am very excited that I managed to play my part here.

As I indicated before, female artistes who had been dropped were also represented here and I wish similar events could be put on the national calendar to ensure that we promote our culture.

Sharing the stage with Mukanya has always been one of my wishes even though I have never met him in person.

To be honest, I have never met him person due to our demanding schedules.

It feels good being part of this crowd.

As for my son who was part of the line-up, I think people have seen what he is capable of.

It is my wish that he returns the favour by always giving his best.

One thing that I would like to tell you is that Gary Tight has also mastered that in life you must put effort in everything you want to achieve.

Thomas and I have always been friends and it feels good that we managed to reunite.

I was always praying that he comes home to show fans what real music is.

I thank Zimbabweans for showing their support to this living legend.

This is what we call a show and no one can beat Mukanya when it comes to giving fans real value for their money.

Mukanya is more than an icon and you have seen what he is capable of.

We really enjoyed ourselves and fans will always remember this show for decades to come.

We will always learn from him even though we need to really work hard to reach his level.

In other words, we haven’t started.

Eunice Kapandura
Mukanya is a legend and no one can dispute that.

Those who attended this show will forever cherish the fine moments they had here at Glamis Arena.

Such opportunities rarely come and as artistes, we will always utilise these moments and deliver to our loyal fans.

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