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‘We Shouldn’t Have Let Mugabe Stay In Power For Too Long’


‘We Shouldn’t Have Let Mugabe Stay In Power For Too Long’

Former air force boss and minister Perrance Shiri has admitted that it was a mistake to give former President Robert Mugabe carte blanche to stay in office for as long as he pleased.


Shiri cited that Mugabe in his old age had become vulnerable and was being taken advantage of by his garrulous wife Grace and her G40 minions.

“In November last year, after a lot of jockeying in the party for what appeared to be a vacuum there, I think we all know the former president (Robert Mugabe) of the party was 94 years old, and we all know the challenges associated with old age,” said Minister Shiri.

He went to recite former presidents from neighboring countries who had ceded power to their deputies and senior members instead of being life presidents.

But in Zimbabwe’s case, he said, this was quite different.

“But in our case, it was quite different: Wrongly or correctly, we had allowed our founding father to remain in office for as long as he wanted, but due to old age, then we had this cabal coming into place and trying to wrestle power through unorthodox means, and one sure way to make it was to discredit and sideline credible leaders of the party.

Recently president Mnangagwa stated that he suspected the same G40 of hatching a plot to assassinate him in the Bulawayo bomb blast which killed 2 people and left 47 others injured.



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