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“We Have Sent NPA 50 Dockets Since January” – Toothless ZACC


Zimbabwe Anti Corruption has shrugged off tags by the public that they are toothless bulldogs 18 months after incorporation and very few graft convictions later, by saying since the turn of the new year, they have sent 50 dockets to the National Prosecuting Authority, The Sunday Mail reports.

ZACC Spokesperson John Makamure speaking to the publication said they were expecting to have sent 80 cases to the NPA by year-end:

We are not toothless. We are executing our mandate of prevention and combating of corruption. Fifty dockets have already been finalised and submitted to the NPA for prosecution. Our target is 80 by December,

Makamure also said ZACC was requesting more funding from the government to help the commission cope with the heavy workload and said:

ZACC is continuously strengthening its capacity to cope with the increase in the volume of cases. More staff is being hired and representations being made for additional resources.

The Ministry of Finance (and Economic Development) sits on the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Steering Committee to ensure adequate funding of the anti-corruption fight.

ZACC will this week officially launch a whistleblower app that can be used by anyone to report suspicious corruption activities.

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