#WCW with new hot pics of Lorraine Guyo aka Ndinyengeiwo.

It appears socialite Lorraine Guyo, who shot to stardom when she released a video clip in which she appealed to men to ask her out for Valentine’s day, in the ndinyengeiwo challenge is now off the market. Now, we can safely say she is into the acting world after doing skits with comedian Comic Pastor and featuring in Madam Boss’ skits as well.

It seems her new found talent is making her become popular day by day. Things are moving swiftly for her. It’s not bad after all, you never know what makes someone’s talent to be discovered. After that video, we all thought things will go sour for her but instead, she is fast becoming a celebrity.

She is a stunning woman in appearance as well. Complimented by her style she has one of the amazing bodies every woman would die for. She is a very beautiful girl and these pictures are a testimony to that. Check these stunning gorgeous pictures of her as she wins our WomanCrushWednesday. REMEMBER TO CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURES…