#WCW – More hot pictures of Moira Knight

#WCW – More hot pictures of Moira Knight.

Seh Calaz’s wife Moira Knight made some controversial news some few weeks ago after speaking negatively about his father. The budding artiste expressed her dismay after her father’s illicit affairs leaked. She tweeted expressing her anger over her father who has been trending on social media over his adulterous behaviour.

In an interview with H-Metro, Moira said: “It’s embarrassing what he did and this has been happening for a long time. “It’s not the first time he has done this but I have just been quiet about for so many years over the things he has done to mom. “It pains me a lot to hear my mom call me crying over my dad’s behaviour and to some extent, this pressured me to react the way I did, I had to vent it out.

It was understandable to side with her and we all don’t promote such behaviour from our men especially this time and age. The star continues to shine and is doind well in her career and life too. Her pictures are showing that life is good for her at the moment. Glowing like never before and looking happy, Moira is really enjoying life. Check her hot pictures below as we Crush on her…



Hot Mommy Moira Knightknight Moira

SEH CALAZ’S WIFEknight Moira

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