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Watch football today not to miss any important news

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A busy season in the English Premier League, which gave us a lot of positive emotions, has come to its end. Now, it is much easier to watch football today and follow all the news from EPL and other tournaments. Such information is available on the sports statistics website, where it is updated in real-time.

In this season, Manchester City confidently occupied the first position. In the first half of the campaign, Guardiola’s team faced certain difficulties, but in the second they took advantage of their direct competitors’ failures. This made it possible for the club to return the championship gold medals.

At the finish of the season, the “citizens” were more than 10 points ahead of Manchester United. This is another proof of the City this year being much stronger than its direct opponents. If today you look at the results of football matches of the “citizens”, it can be noted that the decisive games took place in February and March. It was then that they managed not only to catch up with United but to create a decent gap, which they managed to keep to the end.

What made it possible for the team to finish on the first position of Premier league tables?

Even though Manchester City faced certain problems during the season, the team managed to cope with all the challenges successfully. Premier league tables won’t lie. The team created such a gap from the competitors due to:

  1. The progress of many young players. First of all, Dias and Foden should be mentioned here. This season, they have become really important fighting units, without whom one can’t even imagine the Guardiola’s team. Reliable defensive performance by Dias, as well as several important goals scored by Foden, predetermined the outcome of the fight for the title.
  2. Good teamwork of the players. Many players have been with the team for several years now. Due to this, they know their partners perfectly well. This helps to bring the number of errors to a minimum.
  3. The main stars’ personal skills. Here it is worth noting De Bruyne, who had another impressive season. It is thanks to his goals and assists that the “citizens” are so far away from their pursuers in the tables Premier league.

It is already known that Sergio Aguero left Man City – he’s the best scorer in the club’s history. Therefore, the “citizens” will have to undergo certain changes. We can expect them to be active on the transfer market.

You can always learn how new contractors will affect the club’s results on the sports statistics website, where all the information is updated live.


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