The behaviour of the opposition in elections was deplorable they entered the race with a warped mind which was bent on creating anarchy and distress. The supporters of the opposition dwell in serious problems.

‘God Will Guide Me To Victory’

They are so convinced that they are the winners before dates are even set. For some reason they have the power to influence thousands of their followers. They feed on people’s suffering. They benefit from the suffering of the people. They get protest voting caused by the suffering they bring in.

But it turns out, most of the problems are self-inflicted by the very politicians who demand that voters empower them to fix the mess they created in their parties. Quite the opposite of their promise, elections set up a nasty positive feedback loop that legitimises the destructive acts of the political class. Winning an election is a license to make a difference in the country and cleaning up an old mess that career politicians made before the last election.

That’s because elections are the very opposite of adversarial legal proceedings and competitive markets. Election campaigns by the opposition ignore what’s important and obsess over trivia and minutiae. They are theatrical sword fights, not true competition of the marketplace. Opposition campaigns create their own reality rather than revealing objective reality. They formulate public opinion and distort public perception rather than discovering peoples’ preferences through the clash of competition. They manipulate people’s preferences rather than satisfying them. While ZANU PF politics is a political matrix, a virtual reality. But, the consequences are only too real.

The entire Opposition political system is based on a false syllogism that runs something like bullet trains village airports.

The world is illustrative of the electoral scam being run by the opposition today. They ask for sanctions against their own people and expect the people to be starved to vote for them. This is a scam, a proper election rigging.

It is high time that the opposition understands that manipulating Elections does not work, and they better find a new strategy if they hope to stem the tide of victory.

Lying to the electorate to an extent where one lies to the courts and to the international world does not win elections. Elections are won through people and by the people.



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