Warriors’ super fan loses passport in Egypt


Warriors’ super fan loses passport in Egypt.

This is just the latest mishap and adventure which has seen Alvin “Aluvah” Zhakata become a celebrity. The Zimbabwean football fan who travelled from Cape Town to Cairo in an epic road trip to watch the Africa Cup of Nations has lost his passport in Egypt.

Aluvha-EgyptSadly, he did not get to see the Zimbabwe Warriors play in their first match. He did, however, get a ticket to see Friday’s final – a special present from the head of African football – which saw Algeria beat Senegal 1-0.

That, though, may have been Zhakata’s undoing as he lost his passport at the match while supporting Senegal, the BBC’s Steve Vickers reports.

Luckily someone did find it, but the passport somehow made its way to Alexandria, 220km (137 miles) from Cairo.

Zhakata should get it back in Monday. His philosophy is that you need to be “patient and strong” while pursuing your dream – no doubt that has come in handy in the latest drama in his adventure.

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