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Warriors get US$108 000 ahead of Uganda clash

Warriors arrive in Egypt

Warriors get US$108 000 ahead of Uganda clash.

The Warriors will be facing Uganda, after staging a protest ahead of the opening match last Friday over unpaid allowances. The Warriors subsequently lost the match 1-0 to Egypt.

Warriors Send -offThe Zimbabwe Warriors have received a major boost after the government transferred a massive US$108 000 to the accounts of the players and the technical team ahead of tomorrow’s game. Acting Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Kazembe Kazembe told The Chronicle.

I had told the players that I would return on Saturday, but I had other engagements and I am still glad that I have been able to come and address them and confirm to them that, as the fund-raising committee, we have now made our first payment to them.

We have promised them more after their game against Uganda, which we believe they will do well to win. It must always be made clear that Zifa had their contract with the players, which is different, and which they are fulfilling and as a committee we have mobilised and we continue to mobilise more resources that are being channelled directly to the team.

Team manager Wellington Mpandare added. Zifa, alone, could not manage because they also have creditors on their backs and I feel for them, but it must also be understood that players will always want their money.

As long as the boys are focused and don’t have to miss training like what happened before the Egypt game they can beat any team and we really appreciate all that has been done for us



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