Home LOCAL NEWS Warren Park residents not happy

Warren Park residents not happy

Warren Park residents not happy

Warren Park residents not happy

…Infill stands threaten power, water supply

RESIDENTS of Warren Park 1 staged a protest on Saturday against Harare City Council amid corruption allegations in the allocation of ‘infill stands’ that has seen houses allegedly being built on top of water pipes and ZESA cables.

Warren Park residents not happy

A group of aggrieved residents from the affected area adjacent to the city council crèche gathered at the infill stands threatening to destroy the foundation while builders had already fled their site for fear of the angry mob.

A man who was part of the crowd identified as Shumba alleged that council heavyweights are awarding themselves the infill stands.

“They buy these stands probably for a very few dollars and they then sell the completed houses for as much as US$50 000, that’s how they are profiteering and the expense of us the ratepayers,” He said.

Councillor for Ward 15, which covers Warren Park, Tichaona Mhetu said:

“I think I have already done part of the solution process by calling the director of housing and director of works at the site to see the impact of the proposed development.

“I was not consulted when the development was proposed and I raised that with the director of housing to which he said councillors can only be notified about allocations out of courtesy.

“I have called for a follow up meeting with the director of housing, Nhekairo, on Tuesday 9am to find a lasting solution to that development which is anti-people”.

Asked on the Zesa power outage, Mhetu added:

“Yes I have contacted Zesa and they assured me that the transformer has not blown as feared by residents but some spares were damaged and they assured that they will sort it.”

Harare City Council director of housing and community services Nhekairo told H-Metro that he was aware of the allegations coming from the residents:

“I was on the ground to see the situation myself, we have promised the residents that the issue will be looked into on Monday. Regarding the awarding of these stands, there are no senior council members who have been given space. However, we will look into the town plan to resolve the matter.”

Nikita Mukwaira told fellow residents that they have to take the legal route to resolve the issue.

“If the builders come back again here to carry on with the construction we will take the matter into our own hands and demolish the foundation otherwise if they proceed to build over the cables the situation will get worse and we may spend even two years without Zesa (electricity),” he said.

“We’re protesting over poor water service delivery in our area, it’s now 10 days without electricity caused by a Zesa cable destroyed by builders despite the load shedding,” said one resident identified as Nyamasvisva

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