War vets have ganged up with opposition parties in a renewed campaign to strip former President Robert Mugabe of his multiple farms for redistribution to deserving Zimbabweans.


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association spokesperson Douglas Mahiya confirmed the development yesterday, with the opposition MDC-T and little-known Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) saying they stood ready to join the campaign to dispossess Mugabe of his reported 20 farms and leave him with one in line with government’s one-man-one-farm policy.

“We fought Mugabe because of his corruption and have demanded for a long time that the policy of one-man-one farm should be implemented without exception. We are not in this supporting or personalising issues against Mugabe, but this has been our clarion call that Mugabe’s corruption was stinking across Zimbabwe, beginning with the multiple farms that he owns,” Mahiya said.

MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora said their campaign was not only targeting Mugabe, but all multiple farm owners.

“There are other senior people in Zanu PF and government who are multiple farm owners. It would be a misnomer to target one person or one family. All people who own multiple farms should be encouraged to return them for allocation to landless Zimbabweans,” he said.

EFF leader Innocent Ndibali said they would soon petition President Emmerson Mnangagwa demanding that he forces Mugabe to relinquish 20 of his 21 farms and would invade the farms should government not take any action.

“We, as EFF, are calling on the freedom fighters, traditional leaders and landless citizens to join us as we are lobbying to take over 20 of 21 Mr Mugabe’s farms. We are not apologetic on this and it is not political, but a fair practice, as it addresses the past imbalances.

“Our fathers did not fight and die for one man to have 21 farms. Our fathers did not fight and die to have other races displaced, but to uplift every citizen into same living standards,” the opposition group said.




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