Victor Matemadanda

War veterans are the vanguard of the liberation struggle and must be tolerate of divergent views in a democratic country.

Secretary General of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association Cde Victor Matemadanda must stop his threats which are wholly out of order and do not represent the wishes of all the progressive people of Zimbabwe.

The presser which he had this morning is one of the most shameful mafia tactless presser which can easily fit in a mafia state. Surely all Zimbabweans cannot be held ransom by a few greedy individuals who think that Zimbabwe belong to them only. Such threats are really unfounded and in bad taste. Mr Matemadanda must be dully charged with making treasonous statements likely to cause alarm and dispondency.

With such kind of thinking Zimbabwe soon will become a bed of civil wars. Such statements are very dangerous and can easily ignite instability where we are praying for peace and development. Zimbabwe is a failed state. It is not even open for business but closed for transparency. Fighting with America will not bring food on the masses of people who are starving and finding it hard to make ends meet.

Operation Restore Legacy was a true internal fight where another group of politicians thought that they were missing out in looting the country’s resources and decided to outwit each other. Everyone knows that Team Lacoste took over from G40 not because they wanted to save the nation but it was through greediness and insatiable appetite for power.

Today you are fighting that America has imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe accusing MDC Alliance Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa to have gone to America to ask for economic embargos. That is cheap propaganda Mr War Veteran. Early this week the state controlled newspaper said the country can do with sanctions imposed and why the cry now. I don’t support the economic sanctions, but have we closely looked at why these sanctions have been imposed on us?

What is in the West that you really want? You have Russia and China as your trade and investment patners. Somebody needs to tell Mr Matemadanda to stop making a fool of himself by venting about sanctions.

Does he know that Kenya, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran are all on full fledged sanctions? Have you ever heard them being cry babies?. Mr Victor Matemadanda, I think you know that our government is the one that is sanctioning its own people by denying them their votes through unprofessional and clandestine dealings of ZEC which has been captured by the army. In your presser you said “President Emmerson Mnangagwa won the election with 50.8% and that’s it”. What message are you sending here? Why coming to a conclusion whilst the results are being contested at the Constitutional Court. Aren’t you intimidating the Judiciary system by such kind of utterances.

Even the Zimbabwe Election Support Network backed down on its initial election report, where it accused its official of colluding with Zanu PF to produce a biased report.

The election was marred with discrepancies and irregularities where numbers failed to tally hence all this court case.

Instead of being too emotional and vitriol Mr War Veteran , this is is the right time for introspection and get rid of ZEC or make a complete overhaul and other corrupt government officials who are draining out the economy of the country. Corruption is the enemy number one. If all corrupt officials are arrested then sanity will prevail. Those are the people killing our country. Blaming the opposition and Nelson Chamisa will not yield any results.

Its a shame that we fail to realise our own mistakes. The soldiers killed six unarmed civilians and noone is willing to shoulder the blame. The soldiers who opened fire are known and the society demands justice. What kind of leadership is that?

Robert Mugabe the former President whom you are denigrating today was in power for 37 years and it’s surprising that you failed to realise his mistakes for nearly four decades. Mugabe did not kill the economy of this country alone. The former President cannot shoulder the blame alone. It was a collective move within all Zanu PF leadership. The ruling party must be reminded that, it has nothing new to offer. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. They took over in November 2017, now we are in August 2018. What has the party improved on people’s lives? Let us be realistic and call a spade a spade. It’s nearly a year now with no meaningful developments in sight.

War veterans must stop meddling or interfere in party politics but should rather be the intermediaries between political parties through offering them advices not to be partisan like what they are doing right now. Opposition political parties are not enemies of the ruling party. They are Zimbabweans with different ideologies amd should be respected like that. They are as good as the ruling party.

Instead of cementing our internationsl relations with the West to re-engage with America and Britain, we are venting our anger and pouring hot charcoal into the whole process and dialogue.

Talking of Chamisa’s power grab is just tatntamount to peeping toms and that should be left to MDC- T to solve their own messy. It has nothing to do with the screaming of the economy which needs to be revamped. Such are internal affairs which can be ironed out.

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association’s recommended idea of renaming of the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport saying the former president was no longer fit to have the airport named after him is another shallow thinking. Will that create the much needed employment for a number of graduates who are roaming the streets?



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