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Wafawarova Responds To Allegations That ED Dumped Him For Mangwana

Wafawarova Responds To Allegations That ED Dumped Him For Mangwana
Reason Wafawarova

Wafawarova Responds To Allegations That ED Dumped Him For Mangwana

The Australia based, Herald columnist Reason Wafawarova has responded to aĺlegations that he was dumped by Emmerson Mnangagwa for the post of Presidential Spokesman.
Mnangagwa yesterday appointed the former ZANU PF UK Chairman, Nick Mangwana his new spokesman.

Wafawarova Responds To Allegations That ED Dumped Him For Mangwana
Reason Wafawarova

Many Zimbabweans said Wafawarova has served ZANU PF for a far longer time than Nick Mangwana.

In 2013, ZANU PF abandoned Wafawarova to be “roasted alive” in court by the renegade MDC appointee to Zimbabwe’s Australian embassy Jacqueline Zwambila over an incident where she allegedly stripped naked inside the building in Canberra.

Responding on his portal on Tuesday, Wafawarova said,

“I have been receiving messages and calls from fellow Zimbabweans back home and across the world who are either asking why I have been left out of ED’s administration, or are expressing sympathy for me on the same grounds; or dissing and spiting me because I have been “dumped” after “propping the junta” for so long. Some have even said I must be feeling betrayed for not being rewarded after posting so much on social media in support of ED’s cause. I want to believe these are fairly sensible opinions, but not entirely correct in my view.

“I am primarily a patriot who will not stop or shy away when it comes to advocating for matters national pertaining to my homeland. By passion and calling I am a political writer who writes in defence of the oppressed and wretched of the earth. As a writer I have learnt to accept, tolerate, endure and enjoy every form of criticism and slander. It is part of the package when you write candidly, especially politically.

“I have served my country as an educationist, Youth Worker, and public servant before, and when I left the public service in 2004, it was on my own volition. But I am proud of my record.

“In 2006 I decided to serve my country as a writer and columnist with the Herald. I had started off in 2005 as a columnist for the now defunct Daily Mirror. The decision to be a columnist was a result of my wish and passion to help shape public opinion in my country, given what I thought was an information gap in matters of international relations and global politics.

“I never wrote for financial or material rewards. I wrote in service to my country, and I continue to do exactly that.

“I have never ever seen my contribution through my writing as a way of seeking reward from the establishment, or from those in power. I do not see patriotism as an entitlement to preferential treatment in matters of employment. Merit and merit alone must the basis for appointment to serve one‘s Country through Public Service.

“I have written candidly on meritocracy and the importance of appointing staffers in government solely on merit and capacity. I would be the last person to hanker for a post solely based on assumed loyalty to authorities, or along patronage lines.

“I personally view ED’s efforts in fostering a new dispensation as genuinely progressive and well inentended.

“While I would welcome any form of invitation to serve my country based on merited recognition, I would not consider it betrayal if no such merit is deemed necessary in the current efforts to revive our country from the doldrums we all want to quickly forget about.

“Serving one’s country happens in many ways, and I am happy that I currently am rewarded with a newspaper column where I can engage the entire country every single Monday. I have been doing weekly pieces for The Herald for exactly 12 years and one month now, and I am happy I still have the energy and passion to keep the column running.

“Let us all congratulate and encourage every single person that has been appointed so far. The most important thing on our minds should be turning around our economy and re-engaging our country with the family of nations.

“I am happy that whenever needed, I continue to work with people in our public service and also in Zanu PF structures on the basis of providing intellectual support and advice, albeit behind the scenes. That’s the way it should be, all of us ready to support those appointed so they can do the best for our country.

“Individuals will remain individuals, and the collective interest will remain supreme.

“Zimbabwe we are one and together we will overcome.

RW. “



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