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Wafawafa Zion prophets to cleanse school of s.e.xually insatiable goblins

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Wafawafa Zion prophets to cleanse school of s.e.xually insatiable goblins.

The teachers said they wake up with scratches on their thighs and areas near their s.e.xual organs. The goblins also steal underwear from the female teachers.

Female teachers at Makumbi Primary School in Plumtree have moved out of the teachers’ cottages as they allege that they were being s.e.xually attacked by goblins.

The remaining teachers are now terrified as they fear that the goblins could turn on them. A female teacher, who refused to be named, said female teachers were having sleepless nights as the insatiable goblins attack women every night.

“I cannot say much because I am not allowed to comment but it is true that goblins s.e.xually assault females every night. You will have to talk to the headmistress,” said the teacher.

The school headmistress, Sithembiso Dube said she could not comment on the matter without clearance from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

Youths who are assisting to build a clinic near the school recently downed tools and demanded the cleansing of the school as they are convinced the goblins will turn to female nurses when construction is done.

“It is a matter known to everyone in Makumbi, but as youths we were looking upon elders to take action, after realising they are not concerned about teachers leaving because of the goblins, we then vowed not to work in building the clinic until the matter was resolved,” said a youth member, Melusi Nleya.

It is said that the youth invited Carlon Ndlovu, the senior village head, to a meeting to address the goblin issue but he refused as he said it was a taboo for an elder to be summoned by young people for a meeting.

The youth proceeded to invite ‘Wafawafa’ Zion prophets to cleanse the school. “I refused to attend the meeting and that led to them pointing fingers at me as the owner of those goblins, these prophets are liars who are just taking what they hear from people, they were supposed to catch the goblin and we were going to talk from there,” said Ndlovu.

The incident followed a meeting which was called by community youths pertaining to the exodus of teachers due to s.e.xual abuse by goblins.

Source – B-Metro

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