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VP Chiwenga Warns ‘Fortune Hunters’ Who Charge For COVID-19 Jabs

VP Chiwenga Warns ‘Fortune Hunters’ Who Charge For COVID-19 Jabs

Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care, Constantino Chiwenga yesterday warned those who want to charge Citizens for COVID-19 jabs.

Chiwenga was speaking during the official opening of St Anne’s Hospital in Avondale, Harare following its closure in February 2016 for repairs and maintenance. He said:

I also wish to reiterate that Government policy is that of ensuring free vaccination for all citizens who are ready and willing.

Let me allay the fears of some in our nation who might think that the COVID-19 vaccination programme is about to falter. It is not and it will not.

It is a no-go area for fortune hunters; those morally depraved practitioners who seek to fish in troubled times. Covid-19 is a global pandemic. It is viral and thus, a matter of public health concern.

Its containment and all efforts towards that end amount to public effort and public goods that should never be privatised. I hope this message reaches all quarters.

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