Home Politics Voting ZANU PF Is Voting For Poverty – Chamisa

Voting ZANU PF Is Voting For Poverty – Chamisa

‘Only God Can Help Zimbabwe’

Voting ZANU PF Is Voting For Poverty – Chamisa

Opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration of worsening the living standards of the citizenry.

Chamisa told NewsDay that voting for ZANU PF again is voting for poverty considering that living standards are deteriorating under the watch of the Mnangagwa-led government.

He speaks at a time when Zimbabwe is gearing for the 2023 general election with the ruling party saying it is poised for victory. He told NewsDay on Monday:

Of interest to Zimbabweans is the fact that in 2018, 29% of the population was in extreme poverty. About two years later, an additional 20% of the population entered into extreme poverty on the back of years of bad policies, bad governance, conflict and a command economy.

Sadly, the incapable in government are celebrating the so-called surplus when half of the population is now wallowing in abject poverty. The message here is clear, voting for them is voting for poverty. This is why it is urgent for all citizens to converge.

Everywhere I go, people are struggling to make ends meet, put money in their pocket, get food for their families and roof above their heads. Life in Zimbabwe is such a daily fight for everything and anything from food, electricity, water, transport, jobs to money.

He added that the surplus that is being celebrated by Finance minister Professor Mthuli Ncube is therefore meaningless since it is not being used to transform lives.

Chamisa further claimed that in 2020 alone, two years after President Emmerson Mnangagwa came to power, 1.9 million Zimbabweans entered into extreme poverty.

Mnangagwa had promised an economic rebound, jobs, health for all and an end to load shedding.

However, most of the problems he had promised to solve have worsened.

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