Home LOCAL NEWS Visually impaired man keen on farming

Visually impaired man keen on farming

Visually impaired man keen on farming

Visually impaired man keen on farming

A Hwedza woman says her husband’s blindness has worked in her favour since the man cannot cheat on her.

Patricia Mambiya and her husband Tafadzwa Chiyengerere – both aged 35 – earn a living at Hwedza Growth Point as food vendors.

“The advantage that I am enjoying from my husband who is totally blind is that he won’t cheat on me because of his condition.

“I’m not worried even if he comes back home at 3am; I’m always guaranteed that he will never see other beautiful girls and cheat on me there.

“Even here there are many females around, some working in the shops but he never looks at them, which is an advantage I am enjoying though I still dream to witness my husband seeing his children one day,” she said.

Chiyengerere said blindness causes him to keep thinking of something to do that will help him fend for his family.

“But for these other things like cheating on my wife, to me it will be a useless thing to do.

“Yes, some do make advances on me but I often end up discovering that people are different in their observations and actions because, pamwe pacho unotozoona kuti apa ndikaita zvekutamba apa, ndinotoshaya hunhu hwangu ndini nekuda kwekuti munhu wese anenge akanditarisa,” he said.

He added: “At times some think they can care for me better than any woman on earth but they are after my wealth.”

He said he is sometimes sexually harassed but he always resists any further temptations to indulge.

“Yes there are some who end up sexually abusing me, but these are known female associates, but I resist.

“I often inform my wife about everything on these abuses. I do this for her to be honest with me before someone tells her,” he said.

Chiyengerere said when he became blind it all started like soil grains in his eyes and had a blurred vision.

“This resulted in my blindness problem from May 2013; handichaoni zvachose.

“I was informed about the growths in my eyes.

“I was then referred to South Africa by Dr Magava (Ophthalmologist, an Eye Specialist).

“These eyes still give me severe headache day and night though I do not have any physical illness,” he said.

He said he wanted to raised his plight with Hwedza North Constituency Member of Parliament David Musabayana and District Ward-5 Councillor Mukombe.

“I am appealing for a walking stick, building materials and a farm.

“I am desperately in need of a walking stick, 12 roofing asbestos sheets, 20 bags of cement, 2 window frames and 2 doors, all costing $US600 to finish my two rooms we built from our food vending business here at Hwedza Growth Point.

“A farm will finish my life problems, because of my passion in farming, money for my South Africa eyes surgery will come from my sweat,” he said.

Chiyengerere is the last born in a family of three elder girls and one boy. His mother was Loveless Banda from Madziva in Mt Darwin and their father was Tyron Chiyengerere from Bhuhera.

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